Debut Hybrid


Discreet but efficient, our electric-assist bike, the Debut Hybrid will propel you to your destination without any effort. Equipped with a hybrid engine that recharges at deceleration, you will pace the city without ever worrying about the autonomy. Henceforth no more urban travel will be tiring!

    • Electrical assistance
    • Recharges at deceleration
    • Automatic gear change
    • Manage the power from your smartphone !
    • Lock your bike with your smartphone
    • Saddle comfortable and antitheft
    • Design and assembled in France

bande de confiance

  • Description



    E-Motor & Battery

    The e-motor and battery are located in the rear hub, to preserve the design and geometry of the bike.

    The e-motor has the feature of being connected to your smartphone, so you can adjust your level of assistance by 0% if you want to make sporty trip to 100% to make almost no effort. You do not have a smartphone, no worries, we make factory settings and your bike will work normally.

    As for the battery, it recharges at deceleration and backpedaling. You are never really broken because at the 1st descent, you recharge and it left again for a few kilometers.

    For your peace of mind, lock the engine when parking the bike on the street. In the event of theft, it will be impossible to drive normally.

    Anti-theft system saddle

    While allowing you to easily adjust your saddle to your size, our anti-theft system that equips the Debut Automatix, will protect you from those who have bad intentions. An innovative solution to effectively combat the theft of saddles that takes place in the city.

    Luggage rack

    Our robust and elegant luggage rack can accommodate all kinds of objects (from computer cases to small boxes), thanks to the adjustable elastic straps with their self-locking system to adjust the tension and secure your objects on the tray of your luggage rack.

    Disc brakes

    For added safety on the go, we have equipped the Debut Hybrid with a disc brake system. The brakes provide both powerful and progressive braking for maximum safety even with extreme weather conditions.

    Reinforced tires against punctures

    We also think about your peace of mind so our tires and inner tubes are reinforced to prevent punctures. Ride with ease.

    Double arm stand

    For greater stability and not having to bend your bike when carrying your shopping or your baby, our stand is designed to make your life easier.


    Made of aluminium, this lightweight, dynamic and sturdy frame has been designed to withstand the worst of treatments and guarantee the long-lasting pleasure of cycling. We are proud to offer the lightest frame for e-bike on the market.

    LED lighting

    Front and rear LED lighting. Powered permanently by the dynamo hub, the LED lights provide a very efficient light halo, allowing you to see and be seen for even more safety when cycling.

  • Additional information

    Additional information


    6061 T4-T6, internal cable routing.


    Rigid – Aluminium 6061 T4-T6


    Zehus – 250W – Zehus – 250W – Electrical assitance for pedaling and recharging in deceleration or backpedaling phase. Set battery / motor integrated in the rear hub. No speed to change, no dial to handle, everything is simple. Possibility to lock the motor with your smartphone. 3.2kg the battery / motor assembly.


    Zehus – Lithium-Ion – 29.2V – 5.3Ah – 154.8Wh Integrated in the rear hub. Can be recharged by decelerating or backpedaling or on the sector. 3.2kg the battery / motor assembly.


    It depends on the terrain profile and if you play the game of backpedaling but you can go up to 100km. Charging time from 0 to 100%: 4 hour


    Thirtyone – comfortable and secure position – width 580mm – comfortable kraton handles


    Disc brake – Rotors 160mm. Provides powerful, progressive and safe braking.


    Aluminium 42 teeth


    20 teeth


    Aluminum body, wide platform, non-slip with reflectors.

    Moyeu avant

    Sturmey Archer – Dynamo hub – 3 Watts


    Wheels and French spokes in aluminum. Double walls with reinforcing grommets. Wheel assembly in our workshops. 26 "front wheel for greater maneuverability. 28" rear wheel for better rolling.


    "Balloon" type tires for excellent comfort, reinforced to avoid punctures.


    Bike Plus serie

    Tige de selle anti-vol

    Aluminum – length 400mmStrong seatpost, adjusts easily but can not be pulled out of the seat tube.


    Aluminum double leg for maximum stability even under heavy loads on the front luggage rack.


    In Aluminium for excellent resistance. White Colour

    Porte-bagages avant

    Structure in Aluminum 6061 T4-T6. Wood top and adjustable self-locking tensioners. Integrated front lighting.

    Protège chaine

    Hebie Chainglider


    Frame and fork: 5 years Battery, motor and accessories: 2 years


    Unique – T43, usable between 1.55 m and 1.90 m (5 to 5.2 feet)



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