AXA Toucan Padlock


Protect your bike with the Toucan fold-away lock. Its practical and elegant design makes it easy to carry (it can be attached directly to the frame of your Thirtyone bike). The lock links are made of 6 mm steel and will give you peace of mind when you park your bike in the city.

  • Description


    The Toucan padlock is a fold-in lock, with an elegant and easy-to-use design. Made of 6mm thick tempered steel, it is resistant to cutting and pulling. With this padlock, you no longer need to worry if your bike will be there when you return.

    The Toucan padlock has a length of 120cm, which will allow you to attach your bike everywhere and without constraint.

    The Toucan padlock comes with its mounting bracket, you can easily attach it discreetly and elegantly to the frame of your Thirtyone.

    Each anti-theft device comes with a set of numbered keys. Note the numbers that will be useful in case of loss. Indeed, we can remake the keys at your request.